Apr 30, 2010

Lots to blog about

This is how we celebrate the last day of classes. SLEEP! Super excited to finally get caught up on sleep. Finals week is next week and then we are done!

Final PALS activity. This is about half the group I am over in the service center. We had a blast. We will send the nicer smiling picture to United Way of Cache Valley as a thanks for funding this program. Thanks to my amazing husband for helping me this whole year with this!

A backpack says a thousand words. We often joke that you can tell a persons major on campus just by looking at them. Its true though, its really easy actually. Mark is OBVIOUSLY an engineer by the size of his backpack. More often than not, it is more full than this.

We LOVE to see family! This is little Allstar (blog name). He is Melina and Spencer's boy and he is so full of smiles. So adorable.

Apr 29, 2010

Starting to get a little ansty

School is almost over! We can now count our assignments and tests on one hand. Sure feels nice, but its hard to keep going, and finish those few things when you can see the end.... so close! So far it looks like we are going to have a fun summer with few responsibilities and places to be... meaning jobs. Good jobs paying more than $8 an hour are not in sight, but hopefully they will show up, or Mark will have lots of handyman work. That would also be nice. Either way, another semester is almost out the door and we are that much closer to fulfilling our hopes and dreams. :)