Oct 23, 2013

Should I blog again?

Mmmm.... I need to think about that.  

Oct 22, 2012

He likes the owl best

He can stare at it forever.

11 Weeks old!  Wow how time flies by.  This little man loves for us to stand him up and watch as he shakes his little hips as he tries to "figure out his control system" (as his father would say it.)  He is the perfect little inverted pendulum..... and he is learning to speak engineer.  He absolutely loves his swing but still is not so fond of tummy time.  For a while he hated being swaddled, but now seems to require it again.  This kid LOVES kisses and coos happily as we softly nuzzle his sweet face.  Such a snuggler, this little one.  He is getting so vocal!!  He has a love hate relationship with his binki.  Gotta keep it near.   I still think he prefers his hands.  He already loves to watch everything we are doing... if he is not staring cross eyed at those swatters (he still doesn't have a lot of control of those arms and looks like he is swatting flies all day long.)  Peek-a-boo is still a weird concept and is not quite funny, but not scary either....just weird.  Some days his eyes look like his fathers, some days they look like mine.  He loves the bumbo.... for about one minute.   This kid LOVES the grocery store.  Not sure if its all the colors and shapes, or the intense amount of attention he gets.  He is holding up his head like a champion and is the smartest, most talented baby I know.  I'm pretty sure he is going to be a mamma's boy.... I can't say that I am unhappy about that. :)  But, he loves his Daddy immensely and is happiest on Saturdays when we can all play.  He is kinda vain and loves to look at himself in the mirror or at pictures of him on the computer.  I can't believe how much he already knows.  He likes when I call him my little fat baby, but everyone still thinks he is only a couple days old because he is still small.  Common people, he is holding up his head and watching you fiddle with your keys!  He is still not letting out full laughs but still makes it obvious when he thinks somethings funny. I am convinced he is going to look like a little old man, as he is getting really thin hair on top and on the sides.  The back of his head (where he doesn't lay) remains perfectly lush and messy.  I wish I could know if he was going to be a blond or a brunette.  I hope he gets dark curly hair like Mark.  He still chirps as he is falling asleep and is starting to sleep 5-7 hours consistently at night before he needs a snack.  He smiles at everyone that comes near and has his own little posse of 10 year old girls at church.  Basically he is just an awesome little man. Keep growin buddy... but not too fast Ok?

Not sure what happened here, but I did like any good mother would do... snapped some pictures and then saved him. 

Oct 17, 2012

Just lots of pictures from a really fun trip

This is a little late as well but last month we took Porter home to meet all the family!  Man its a long drive out there but we were pleasantly surprised at how well he did... he was in his car seat a lot and I don't think he loathes it now so it must have been successful.  Thank goodness newborns sleep so much.   Speaking of newborns, I feel like I left for the trip with one and came home with a baby!  He grew so much in that week and now he is getting so big!

Our trip was absolutely wonderful though!  The week was filled with visiting everyone we could, swimming, shooting, lots of yummy food, adorable little chillins, Alpine sliding, parks, family pictures, cookouts, Gandola and chair lift riding, hiking, rockets, wrestling, late night talking, and Porter snuggles and kisses.  We loved it!  What awesome friends and family we have!  Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The Tex's

Paul Tex
Robert Tex
Porter Tex

It's a good name. :)  Porter is a lucky man to share it with these two wonderful people.

Oct 11, 2012

Blessing Day

So this is a little late... but when have I ever kept up with the blogging?   It's a goal of mine, and I feel as if I am failing.  It's a touchy subject... oh well.  I do my best.

Anywho! Porter done got blessed!  It was a little crazy setting up a location for the blessing since we wanted to be able to do it with family and we knew no one would be able to drive out to Kansas.  Eventually we got it all worked out to do the blessing in Melina's ward.  Thanks again Melina and Spencer for everything!   Sometimes, like these times, its really hard being so far away.... but it worked out and it was wonderful!  The ward was so welcoming and Porter was a perfect little angel.  You know, it really is just about the blessing but I am sure every mom just pleads in her heart that the baby won't scream the whole time.  And why was I worried?  Porter IS a little angel.  Gosh I love that kid.

Porter's circle.  Man we have handsome family!

What an awesome day!  We love our family and friends so much! Thank you to everyone that was there supporting us!

Doesn't he just melt your heart!  Look at that tie! 

My amazing boys.  Mark gave such a wonderful blessing.  The spirit was so strong.  I am so thankful to have the priesthood in my home through such an outstanding husband.   I love this gospel!

Sep 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mark!

What a wonderful hubby and daddy we have!!  Mark is 24!

We sang, ate yummy things, went walking and shopping, took cute pictures, wore Daddy's first outfit, and visited him at work.  

Daddy thinks Porter's smiles are the best present, I agree.  Don't it just melt your heart?

We love you Mark!  Thanks for being such an amazing Father and Husband!  Happy happy birthday!