Oct 17, 2012

Just lots of pictures from a really fun trip

This is a little late as well but last month we took Porter home to meet all the family!  Man its a long drive out there but we were pleasantly surprised at how well he did... he was in his car seat a lot and I don't think he loathes it now so it must have been successful.  Thank goodness newborns sleep so much.   Speaking of newborns, I feel like I left for the trip with one and came home with a baby!  He grew so much in that week and now he is getting so big!

Our trip was absolutely wonderful though!  The week was filled with visiting everyone we could, swimming, shooting, lots of yummy food, adorable little chillins, Alpine sliding, parks, family pictures, cookouts, Gandola and chair lift riding, hiking, rockets, wrestling, late night talking, and Porter snuggles and kisses.  We loved it!  What awesome friends and family we have!  Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The Tex's

Paul Tex
Robert Tex
Porter Tex

It's a good name. :)  Porter is a lucky man to share it with these two wonderful people.