Nov 4, 2010

USU Love

Fact # 5 This campus is so pretty. We love it. I especially love the fall. There are so many trees all over Logan and it makes it so pretty.

Beautiful eh?

I have not been able to be on campus a lot this semester. Its been a little depressing. Especially since I have missed all the "Zombie vs. Humans" action. About 700 people on campus are immersed in this game. It all started with one zombie (who wears a band on their head) who has to "feed" on any of the other 699 players within 48 hrs or they die. They feed by touching a human, who has a band around their arm. The humans have nerf guns and have to shoot the zombies before they get "eaten." Once a zombie is hit, they place their band around their neck and they can't "feed" for 15 min. Once a human gets touched, they become a zombie, register on facebook as a zombie!!, and place their band around their head. It's pretty awesome and insane. The game is only played on campus. Mark has seen some pretty good battles, I'm a little jealous. Sometimes its not so fun to be so busy.

Still... happy pretty Logan. Can't wait for the snow.

Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

One of the traditions in Logan is this pumpkin walk. Basically people spend hours designing sets using lots of pumpkins. It's getting insane, the sets are getting more incredible each year. Here are a couple of our favs.

Pictures are taken with my Ipod, sorry

There were a couple that were so big that I could not get a picture of them that would suffice. Pretty awesome.

Also, my cute little PAL went with us. We love Aubrey

Fact #4 - I love love love Cinderella. Always have, always will

Halloween has been a blast this year. We drove down to Salt Lake for yet another Manor Massacre film which was incredible! Go Thorups and friends!
We celebrated a lot of our Halloween at the elementary school at which I do my practicum. We helped with the first grade party and were in the Halloween parade with the rest of the school. It was great fun! The whole school then proceeded to dance to Thriller. It was epic. I will try to get it up here. Its too cute.
We dressed up as a cowboy and an Indian. I know....real original. Someday we will have time to make cool costumes....

Successful Halloween