Feb 12, 2010

USU Spectrum

Utah State's famous spectrum is known to be one of the HARDEST places to play in. Especially when it comes to men's basketball. Why? Simply stated- the crazy - die hard - aggie fans til the day they die crowd. They have been known to get into players heads, turn the game into the outcome they want, and now be as in sync as the mormon tabernacle choir! The aggies RARELY lose in the spectrum. In my 3 years of aggie men's basketball games, I have never seen a loss.... expect loss of voices.

This youtube video is from the Nevada/USU game in the spectrum on ESPN. The winning team/losing chant. We love our aggies and their spirit, and feel sorry for anyone who has to play in that building!!

Feb 11, 2010

Need a self-esteem boost?

Watch Mr. T's motivational movie, "Be Somebody, or Be Somebody's Fool." Straight from the 80's, this movie is sure to raise your spirits and make your side hurt. Any time we are down, we just put this on, and we are sure to be crying with laughter by the end of the hour. You can find some of the sub sections of this movie on youtube, we highly recommend "Treat your mother right."

Eat your heart out...

Feb 7, 2010

Glades Go West

Road trip! Spring break is coming up and we decided we would love to see Washington, and maybe the Redwoods, and drive the coast. You know, the ultimate road trip. Luckily, we were talking with our new found friends in our ward, Jeremy and Kelsie Frint, and we found out that they had the exact same trip in mind. Woah! So we did as any poor couple would do, and we asked to tag along. Luckily they had the same idea in mind, tis cheaper that way, and they have relatives we can stay with. Sweet!
We have been spending a lot of time with these new friends, and we are finding that they are perfect for us; great church buddies, great game buddies, and most definitely going to be great road trip buddies, and we are all are super excited.
The plan as of right now? Seattle, a cute little bed and breakfast, the fish market, ferries, tidepools, cheap cabins, Forks Washington (too bad none of us are huge twilight fans, but we will bring something back for those of you that are), gorgeous coast, camping in cold rain, and some of the worlds largest trees. We only wish that we had more than a week!


Last week I received an 2 emails from Utah State University, of which I almost deleted. I am glad I didn't! These emails told me that I have been nominated for 2 of the 5 most highly coveted awards on campus, Woman of the Year Award, and the Val R. Christensen Service award. These are part of the Robbins awards (kinda oscar-like-winning, with pretty formal gowns and a ball after wards). Now I just need to fill out a huge biography and hope that I get into the top 5 so my sweetheart and I can dress up and feel special. :) Even though I can think of millions of people that deserve these more than I do, it has been SUCH an honor to know that some of my peers and teachers thought of me! Heavenly Father just continues to show us how much he cares, and how much we mean to him!

I know this is only possible because I have the opportunity to be a part of the BEST organization on campus, and that is the service center. It's amazing what a campus can get together and create. I am continually amazing with the people there, the 19 huge programs that are a part of the service center, and how many students here at USU are so willing to give!