Dec 31, 2011

My favorite pregnancy snack

Since I am hungry ALL THE TIME.... Little snacks like this have become very important. I feel as if I have a little parasite eating all the food I put inside me.... And it's name is baby glade. This is my most frustrating pregnancy symptom right now. I am so sick of being hungry and waking up starving in the middle of the night, so this fun little snack will continue to stay on my night table.

We have arrived

In Kansas my friends. Who would have thought we would end up here? I sure didn't. Once upon a time, about 2 months ago, we printed out a map of the United States and proceeded to mark the places we wouldn't mind living. 2 colors were used in this process, green for the places we would like to live, and red for the areas we definitely wanted to avoid. Kansas was definitely red. But, life tends to be quite the jokester, and here I sit......writing this blog in Kansas.

This place has its own pretty though. It was quite mesmerizing driving through the endless flat farmlands. And, it's so fun to see and hear all the trains!

We drove through a tiny little beat up town called Glade, KS! Meant to be? I think yes.

We have amazing ward members here. They showed up with dinner and strong helping hands on Thursday when we got here. We had everything in the house in 45 min! We are feeling very blessed to already know such wonderful people here.

Our house is great! It's a 3 level condo with two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a nice big hot pink basement. It definitely was not clean when we walked in but now that we have cleaned the carpets and wiped everything down, I think we are really really going to like it. Our landlord also told us we could paint, so that hot pink downstairs......ya...that will be gone. Who paints a huge basement completely hot pink? Some teenage girl with complete reign of the basement, thats who.

It's almost short sleeve weather here. its a warm winter they say, I'm ok with that.

Well, we are here, we are exhausted, but we are happy and excited for this adventure.

Dec 12, 2011

Kansas or bust

Ok....I am going to try blogging again. I figure if we are going to be more than 16 hours away from family and friends, I should do a better job in keeping them updated online.

Also, you notice we changed our blog address again.....I am so indecisive.

I am totally graduated and man does it feel good! When my peers and I were asked how we were to celebrate it was a unanimous answer.... Sleep. Well I slept for 2 days and now I am ready to party it up... But Mark has one more final to study for. But.... Tomorrow at 1:30, we shall party. Hooray for getting bachelors degrees!

IPads are AMAZING... Words just can't express the joy at my finger tips.

Packing is fun when you have a week and a half to do nothing but it. I like getting rid of stuff. It will be nice to be settled for a little while though.... We found a nice 3 level apartment in Kansas for only $25 more than what we are paying for our moldy basement now! And it has....drumroll....a dishwasher!! Aww......dishwashers are nice.

Feb 26, 2011

Congratulations to Mark

Mark was awarded the outstanding undergraduate teaching assistant award yesterday from the Mechanical Engineering Department! He is such an incredible T.A and there is always someone asking him for help. It's nice to see his hard work acknowledged.

Cute free collage from Walgreens

Yay for free stuff!