Feb 25, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I am so blessed to have found such a amazing person as my eternal companion! Anyone that knows him knows what a talented and smart man he is. I am continually amazed at what he can do and rarely find something that he is only mediocre at!
This Monday he had a test in his Instruments class (not musical instruments, but instruments that one may have to learn for mechanical engineering.... leave it to the wife to explain) and he got an 89! Which is absolutely incredible for an engineer! And better yet, he was the class high! Out of almost a hundred other super smart mechanical engineers, he got the highest. I am so proud of him and am amazed at his hard work and dedication to his school work.

Plus, he is extremely handsome. How did I get so lucky?!

Feb 22, 2010

Valentines Highlights

Adorable New Nephew
Little Maughan

Matt and Carla's hospitality and that dang cute meatball

Clark Planetarium
Our Valentine's Date

This is the coolest marble maze thing. Way cool. Mark now thinks he is going to build one throughout the whole house that we are going to build one day. I love the idea

We also watched a lot of Olympics and got to see DaNell, up from Arizona to help with the baby! Also this weekend, Mark got Salmonella poisoning. That was not so much a highlight, but it happened. He is doing much better now but that is definitely not something anyone should have to deal with. Thanks Matt and Carla for letting us stay! Thank Melina and Spencer for letting us come see that precious new addition to the family.