Feb 18, 2010

How very impressed I am

The way the things are going in this world, meaning so electronic, and everything online. It has made me really start scrutinizing the websites I visit or that I come into contact with. There are a lot of really nice web pages out there; very fancy, user friendly, fun, ect. Also the speed of the website has a big impact on how I feel about the site. Take Utah State University's site for example, I use it a lot being a student, very fun, pretty user friendly, but my goodness is it so slow. I hate using it cause it's so slow. There is another site that I am always impressed with and always have been. LDS.org The most user friendly site I have seen. One of THE fastest sites I have visited, especially for the amount of information they have on that site. So informative, makes planning a talk or a lesson or anything else you want so easy. The site is truly inspired, just like the leaders of the church.

It was just one of those little things today that really made me smile extra big today.

The hubby

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