Feb 7, 2010


Last week I received an 2 emails from Utah State University, of which I almost deleted. I am glad I didn't! These emails told me that I have been nominated for 2 of the 5 most highly coveted awards on campus, Woman of the Year Award, and the Val R. Christensen Service award. These are part of the Robbins awards (kinda oscar-like-winning, with pretty formal gowns and a ball after wards). Now I just need to fill out a huge biography and hope that I get into the top 5 so my sweetheart and I can dress up and feel special. :) Even though I can think of millions of people that deserve these more than I do, it has been SUCH an honor to know that some of my peers and teachers thought of me! Heavenly Father just continues to show us how much he cares, and how much we mean to him!

I know this is only possible because I have the opportunity to be a part of the BEST organization on campus, and that is the service center. It's amazing what a campus can get together and create. I am continually amazing with the people there, the 19 huge programs that are a part of the service center, and how many students here at USU are so willing to give!

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