Mar 11, 2010

Leaving Tomorrow!

We are leaving tomorrow! The only things that are really planned are some places to stay. Other than that we are winging it, going wherever looks interesting. Here is our outline

March 12: Leaving around 5 and driving to Hailey, ID and stay with Kelsie's family
March 13: Driving to Bellevue, WA to stay with more of Kelsie's family
March 14: A day in Seattle, WA
March 15: Taking a ferry a from Edmonds to Kingston, find some tide pools, visit Forks Washington and drive and camp? in Pacific Beach
March 16: Drive down to Portland area and then back up to Ilwaco to stay in a cabin
March 17: Light house tours maybe? Take our time to get Depoe Bay Oregon where there is a cute bed and breakfast right on the coast.
March 18: Take our merry little time getting up and head down to Crescent City California and camp?
March 19: Visit Redwood National Forest and drive to Gridley, CA and stay with Kelsie's grandma
March 20: Drive back to Logan, 12 hours..... wow

Its supposed to rain on us the whole time! We are packing lots of waterproof stuff.
Wow are we excited and so not packed, its going to be a late night tonight

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