Apr 7, 2010

"A photograph just can't capture it"

We saw such a beautiful part of the world this spring break and we almost gave up trying to take pictures because there was so much to take in, and a picture is just not the same. We still managed to take hundreds though. For blog sake, these are some of our favorites!

After dodging tumbleweeds the size of our car through Idaho on day 1, the subaru broke down. Ray here just happened to be pulling his car dolly, headed to help someone else, and stopped to help us. He towed us to his shop and helped us get on our way. We love him

View from space needle in seattle! So pretty!

Pike's Market. Flying fish, music on every corner, pigeons flying everywhere, yummy yummy fruit, fishy fishy smells, millions of chilies hanging everywhere, huge $10 bouquets of flowers, and awesome jewelry. In Seattle, we also saw the music museum and the science fiction museum. Those were also so cool! Seattle is definitely worth seeing.

The temple grounds at the Bellevue, WA temple were gorgeous.

The enchanted Hoh rain forest of Washington. So much green!

We even saw a unicorn.

Astoria, OR was incredible. This is the Astoria column on the highest point in Astoria, gorgeous view from the top but there was a tiny spiral staircase hike and it was very windy. It was a little scary. Our legs were shaking by the time we got back down. Yet.... worth it!

Mark did not to get to see much from the top of the column.... I was lucky to get this picture before he ran back down the stairs. :) He did not like the height. Couldn't blame him.

Lots of lighthouses, all were just as amazing.

The gang. This picture was taken while stuck for a half hour on the 2.5 mile bridge to Astoria. We liked it

Our favorite sign

View from the beach right in front our most amazing bed and breakfast! If you ever go east, we recommend this place! The Pana-Sea-Ah Bed and Breakfast. "Pana-Sea-Ah" meaning cures all. It lives up to its name!

The whole Washington and Oregon coast was incredible. This is one of my favorite pictures of the coast. We saw lots of tidepools! At one point we stopped on a dock to look for sea lions, and ended finding boulders littered with sea stars!

"Big Tree" literally. In the 1890's the people who lived in the redwoods planned to cut this tree and use the stump as a dance floor. We are glad they did not!

We were hungry and decided to stop and eat on the side of the highway. We thought we were so funny, then a cop pulled up. He asked what we were doing. When we told him we were just eating lunch, he looked so confused. Wish we could have gotten a picture of his face.

Needless to say, we loved our trip!!

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Carlita said...

Umm it sounds amazing!! I can't wait to hear about it in person :)