May 24, 2010

The Guido Story

I am kinda on a blogging frenzy right now, but here is the long promised Guido story for Matt and Carla. This story was written by my little brother, Robert. When Matt and Carla went to Disney Land, we watched Guido for a week and brought him up to Star Valley with us. Robert was very excited for his visit. Pay attention to the creative spelling, translations are under each picture.

When Guido is coming over

On Friday, Gwedow (Guido) is coming over. Its going to be fun. He is staying until Sunday.
He is a puppy! He is a pug. He is fun. He is white, he is black on his face. (notice the picture)
When he gets here Im going to play with him.
He eats everything. And he eats his dog food fast! If it is 9:30 pm he eats
quick and its still 9:30.
Then sometimes he eats our carpet. My Mom and Dad don't like that. (he has never been to our house so I think he had just heard stories of the carpet eating Guido. haha)
When he leaves Ill take a picture.
About the author: My name is Robert Walker. I like hunting and fishing. I have 3 dogs and 4 sisters and 2 (1) brother (2 boys). I like reading. It is fun.

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Carlita said...

oh my word!!

thank you robert. this was TOO cute and incredibly awesome. I will show gwedow tonight!