May 20, 2010


This last semester was a VERY successful for the both of us. We both finished with above a 3.5! It's nice to win one :)

We have spent the last two weeks hanging with this little guy. He has been so freakin adorable. My favorite is when we come out of a room to see him patiently sitting and waiting for us, or how he farts in Mark's face, or his Bad A cage fitting with Jasper (Walker dog), or how his name fits perfectly in everything, in every song, saying, etc. We love the little guy and have had fun with him. Matt and Carla get home from Spain on Sat.

Sunday is Justin's farewell talk! He is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. WOW I can't believe this time has come. I am so stinkin proud of him and SO excited for him! It will be fun to write a missionary in a few weeks. He enters the MTC on June 9th and is going to San Franando CA! Congrats and good luck to him! We will be in Star Valley that day.

We are just roaming free this summer, sorta. Mark has had the opportunity to do a couple jobs here in Salt Lake and I am doing some work for my Logan job from home. Things are going well. We have started a blog for Mark "portfolio," (click here to see it!) hopefully this will help keep him busy with jobs this summer. The blog is still a work in progress. He has already got 3 or 4 other jobs lined up, so we will be jumping from SV to Salt Lake, to Logan quite a bit this summer. So far its been great.

Ya for friends! I have seen Kyli and Hannah a few times while being down here. We have had so much fun! Chase and Brooklyn are growing fast and man they are adorable! I stole this pic from Hannah's blog because I love it! Chase is "a bit" bigger than Brooklyn. I love it! They are both so cute! Thanks Hannah and Kyli!

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The French Way said...

haha YAY for friends too!!! We've had a blast! We'll have to do it more often!