Aug 19, 2010

Sorta life changing

I have been going to the chiropractor the last couple weeks because of some back problems that I have basically had my whole life. The past couple years my neck and shoulders have been getting progressively worse. After an X-ray, I saw my scoliosis and my uneven hips (which I knew I had) and I found out I have no curve in my neck like I guess I am supposed to and I have some twist in my spine.
So.... after several adjustments and using ice instead of heat (a great discovery) I am feeling pretty great. Some of my problems cannot be fully taken care of, like the scoliosis, but I already have SO much more movement in my spine.
Though my spine felt so much better, I was still getting crazy bad headaches and they were getting worse, especially the weekend before my Monday visit. So Monday I brought it up to the Chiropractor and he did some energy tests. He explained that I had some inflammation in my skull and that it was usually due to a food allergy. So he asked what I craved, because when looking for an allergy it is usually something you crave. Easy for me......hearty foods....breads. After grabbing some wheat and testing the wheat while I held it he confirmed that I do in fact have a gluten sensitivity.
Can he be totally sure? After studying it more when I got home I realized that that fact explained a lot, like why I feel sick after I eat. The reason my headaches were getting worse was because we had been eating a lot more whole wheat because its healthier. We have been making our own whole wheat tortillas and bread.
After studying a lot more, and some help from my mother in law, we are changing our diet..... Mark is so amazing to be doing this with me. Since it is a sensitivity, I am going totally off gluten for a while while we try to rebuild my healthy bacteria and intestine walls. Then we will introduce it back in small amounts and see what happens. Small amounts is probably what I will stick with the rest of my life though. :) If my body is ok with it. We are off to a healthier us and I am excited about it! I will let blog...know how it goes!

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