Sep 27, 2010

Oh life

I feel like it's running us over, leaving us behind in it's tracks...

There's class (enough credits to keep us busy themselves), homework (lots is an understatement), work (paid and unpaid), laundry to be done, ASME meetings and socials (not to mention all the work he does behind the scenes as a secretary), a house to clean (yikes!), PALS activities and trainings (and LOTS of busy work), DESA money handling and fridge stocking, lab grading (not his favorite thing), groceries to be bought (note: we have starved due to lack of time), appointments to meet, blogs to be written..... does it ever end?

Lucky for us we have gospel scriptures, talks, hymns, magazines, etc right at the tip of our fingers! (Our scripture app on our iTouch have made this even more remarkable.)

Lucky for us we get to slow down this weekend and listen to Him speak through our beloved prophets, seers, and revelators.

Lucky for us there is someone who won't leave us behind, someone who will pick us up when this craziness we call life knocks us down and tramples us under it's feet. That person is our Savior Jesus Christ.

Blessed are we to be a part of this wonderful good news gospel!

I have felt very close to my Savior lately. Thanks to some wonderful experiences, institute classes, and questions so tenderly answered. This is a gospel of happiness and joy, we know that for a fact.

That fact keeps us going in such a crazy awesome world! That fact keeps us loving every little bit of it.

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