Dec 12, 2011

Kansas or bust

Ok....I am going to try blogging again. I figure if we are going to be more than 16 hours away from family and friends, I should do a better job in keeping them updated online.

Also, you notice we changed our blog address again.....I am so indecisive.

I am totally graduated and man does it feel good! When my peers and I were asked how we were to celebrate it was a unanimous answer.... Sleep. Well I slept for 2 days and now I am ready to party it up... But Mark has one more final to study for. But.... Tomorrow at 1:30, we shall party. Hooray for getting bachelors degrees!

IPads are AMAZING... Words just can't express the joy at my finger tips.

Packing is fun when you have a week and a half to do nothing but it. I like getting rid of stuff. It will be nice to be settled for a little while though.... We found a nice 3 level apartment in Kansas for only $25 more than what we are paying for our moldy basement now! And it has....drumroll....a dishwasher!! Aww......dishwashers are nice.

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