Jan 9, 2012

How we told everyone

We considered telling the Glades at Ken and Kim's Christmas party with the family, then Kim's son announced their second pregnancy. That stopped that idea real quick. We didn't want to steal any thunder here. We decided that night that it was still really early on and that his family wouldn't be upset with a phone call later.... they are chill like that, and they already have 8 little grandchillins running around.

The question now was my family. We wanted to tell them in person, being the first grandchild and all, but would they keep a secret until we were a little farther along? We decided to go for it and see what happened. So here is how we did it. We were making a Christmas video for my missionary brother Justin in California. (I let him know of all this before hand.) We got my whole family together and just let them talk to him for like 15 minutes and then Mark announces the good news. Its kinda fun to see their reactions. Here is a short clip of the joyous occasion.

Well....obviously they were excited and wanted to tell the world as soon as possible. So we took almost all of Christmas calling Mark's family and texting people so that my sisters and mom could post their excitement. It ended up working out really really well and we had a ton of fun telling people.

For facebook and text messages we gave this picture and said "Cassie passed all her tests this semester. Merry Christmas."

We ended up doing 4 tests, but here is three.....because I know you all love seeing a good pregnancy test.

Ok, no more pregnancy posts for a good while.....


The French Way said...

Oh please pregnancy posts are the best :) Congrats again we are so excited for you and miss you guys like crazy. Glad you are alive and pergnant (not well) so know the feeling but I love hearing all about it so bring on the posts! Wished we lived a little closer so I could see that cute bundle when he/she arrives. I hope it all continues to go well for you. Good luck with starting new in your new house...at least it keeps your mind off being pregnant. Love ya girlie!

The French Way said...

Ok one more comment... LOVE your mom's reaction haha hilarious!!!

Dana Fisher said...

That makes so much more sense now! I got that text but didn't get the picture so I had no idea hahaha! Wow, a baby! That is so exciting. Yay for a little Glade