Mar 8, 2012

Chicken Tiki Masala


One of the main things we miss about Logan is Tandoori Oven. I have tried Indian food, never thought I was the biggest fan of it, but this place just knocked our socks off. We kept hearing about its glory and had to give it a shot. It was life changing. It is a good thing we did not try it until our last semester... or we would not have left Logan amongst the financially living.

I have been craving their Chicken Tiki Masala since we left and got even more jealous when reading my friend Angella's post about finding a supposedly equal (I can't trust you til I try it, sorry Angella) restaurant in Seattle. To my great delight, one of Mark's Indian coworkers invited us over for dinner and said he would be making the very dish! Again it was heaven on earth and I determined to make it myself! I talked to his wife all night about the art of Indian cuisine and learned one important rule.... if you wonder whether or not you have put enough spices in, you haven't.

Then! I ran across a recipe for Chicken Tiki Masala in my Star Valley Ward cookbook! Ward cookbooks are the best and I need to thank that woman for sharing her incredible recipe. Anyway, I made it! And boy did it turn out amazing! Confidence boost X 4000! I don't need that little gas station restaurant in Logan! I can make my own! Of course we don't have a Tandoori to cook our meat in, or an outdoor grill, but the stove did wonders. Happy day!

Now we just need the basmati rice and it will be complete. And maybe someday we will try the vegetarian tiki masala for you Wattersons up north! :)

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