Mar 20, 2012

Well hey there little man

We confirmed your gender last week and got this sweet little picture of your genitals. :) You're a squirmy little dude and the ultrasound technician had to chase you around to make sure you have all your necessary parts... but these parts, your pride and joy, were the easiest to find.

Here are some more cute little pictures of you at almost 20 weeks old.

As far as we can tell, you are perfectly healthy in every way and you already weigh 11 ounces! Technology is amazing now days. We got to see your little 4 chambered heart pumping blood correctly with this colored movement sensor thing. And we saw your kidneys working correctly that way too! Amazing. Your brain looks fully functional and proper and your arms and legs are proper lengths and moving like crazy! Keep it up little champ. I just can't wait to kiss those cute little feet.

We thought maybe you were a boy at the last ultrasound but the technician said sometimes the cord can be deceiving at that stage, so we waited to find out for sure... we still called you a "he" most of the time though, even though it wasn't for certain. Like in this shot, sure looked like a wiener to me!

Well, you are quite the mover and I absolutely love feeling your kicks and punches. Most of the movements still feel like tickly little strokes, but I get a few good kicks each day. I can feel you getting stronger. Sometimes you make me jump right out of my skin when you decide to do a whole sumersault as fast as possible. I can't even describe the feeling, but I love it, even when it startles me. You used to mostly move in the morning, but you are adjusting your schedule a little and now I feel you more at night. You bonded with Daddy the other day and gave him some of your best kicks. Sometimes his hand calms you, but you still showed off a little. That really put a smile on his face. I can't wait for you to meet him, he is amazing. You are one lucky kid to have him for a father.

I just ordered some cute new pregnancy clothes the other day. I'm really excited about them and think I will do a "half way" photo shoot in some of them. I still fit in pretty much all my clothes.... except my skirts, but I am definitely looking to be more comfortable and fashionable. I bought short sleeve, lightweight shirts. I am already feeling really hot and its not even april! The other day our house got up to 80 degrees. We are working to get that air conditioner fixed so that your mother survives the hot summer in Kansas.

I'm thinking chocolate brown and blue for your room.... I know, real original right? But I'm a simple kind of gal and can't venture too far out of the box in a rental house. You won't ever question your gender though, or your dad's interests because your room will be full of trucks, tractors, and tools! Maybe a motorcycle or two as well. I'm thinking something like this picture below. I hope you like it and that you don't think you are destined to be a construction worker. I mean you can be if you want, but I am thinking maybe you will want to be an engineer and an extreme hands-on hobby type of person like your dad. He can't wait to teach you all about tools and tractors and electric vehicles and controllers and stuff.

Also, I am buying some cute little wooden tools for your room. I think they will make a cute decor, and probably excellent chew tools.... I mean toys. Well we might have to get ones with less seemingly sharp edges for at first, but you will enjoy them more when you are older. I found them on They are out of stock right now, but have no fear... they will be yours as soon as they are back.

I babysit a little 6 month old 3 days a week, his name is Dean. You like to kick him when I hold him. I think you guys are going to be really good friends. There's a bond there, I just know it.

I'm starting to get used to these pregnancy pains. I just have to take it slow and easy and ensure that I don't get constipated or that my bladder doesn't get too full. Lots of things can really trigger the pains, but I am learning. I am also figuring out how to get comfortable at night. I take up a lot of room on the bed with my necessary pillows like the boppy, but luckily your father likes cuddling with us and the boppy. He takes such good care of us and is so excited to be a dad. I like being pregnant with you and am so excited to be a mom. Pregnancy is really neat, such a divine calling. Not always comfortable, but its absolutely amazing.

19 wks

Well everyone is really excited to meet you in August. I know Grandma Walker is already on the hunt for fabric and ward members here already plan to take real good care of you and me. You are going to have some amazing people in your life... and you will probably be way too spoiled.

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Unknown said...

I can't wait for him to get here! You are too cute Cassie. Already an awesome mommy.