Jul 17, 2010


Twas a beautiful July day in in the Salt Lake valley on my birthday.

Mark surprised me with a new set of scriptures when I woke up, with my married name embossed on them. He told me he just had to make sure I knew I was his.
So sweet of him.
I had expressed interest in a new set earlier because my old ones are falling apart badly, so I was very excited!

Then Guido walked in the room... I think he resembles a fish in this picture. We love to wake up to the sound of snorting at the door when we stay at the Thorups.
Adorable little pooch.

We took the day and walked around downtown salt lake which included a trip to the Apple store to play with the goods.
I love anything to do with Apple... the Iphone will be our first purchase after we graduate and make some mula.... it will probably come before a second car.

Slot car racing = killer date idea!


I got some fun new jewelry at the gateway for my birthday as well... no picture provided sorry.

This was our final event of the day. Mark took me to a piano bar! I got to use my I.D. on my 21st birthday. Besides showing up WAY to early to a bar and ordering a juice (we should have just worn a Mormon sign on our head) and a little bit of bar humor it was a blast. This place had dueling pianists and the show was so fun to watch!
Such a great day.

21 is officially the last "anticipated" birthday. It's just getting older and older from here on out.

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