Jul 7, 2010

The past few weeks

Since I can't keep up with blogging very well lately, this is an update of the past couple weeks. :)

We went camping! We took our parents trailer and found a nice little place up grover park. It was good to get a little wilderness time. Mark is an excellent fire builder.
I was in the Logan Herald Journal with my Pal, Aubrey. It was a great opportunity! I have had a ton of parents and students email me about wanting to be in the program. We fed the ducks at first dam in this picture. What you cannot see is our fear of the geese (well you can see it a little, because we are on the table). These geese had 8 little babies and were chasing us around barking at us. Terrifying. Click here for the article.

This is Jasper....he is a boy... in a family of lots of girls.
Poor dog. I love having awesome sisters!
Bear Lake with the Walker's and new cute swimsuits! I like this picture!
Carla's kitchen part dos. Mark raised their cabinets 9 inches! He put crown molding around the top and new shelves in below and in the bathroom. I LOVE the shelves. They are free standing, so no supports on the bottom, so cute! All that is left to do is paint and hang the doors again. Click here to see Carla's kitchen part uno.

More work on the trailer! It looks amazing. Detailed pictures to come. He just finished putting in a shelf and the dust collection system.
ALSO, Thanks to the genius Thorups, Matt and Carla, Mark has an awesome new "business"/blog name --- Mark's Traveling Toolbox. It will look great on the side of his trailer! His blog is now travelingtoolbox.blogspot.com.

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