Aug 14, 2010

Bear Lake is a really fun place

and we have been there A LOT this summer.

With friends, dogs, and a canoe

These 2 pictures are not at bear lake, we were testing out the canoe before we took it to the lake. Just as expected, it was fun.

Ben and Angella with their little Curie
Random man asleep on the beach?.... He literally slept the whole time his group was there. Is it creepy that I took a picture of him? He just looked so.....dead.
Dana, Jesse, and their pup Fritz
Fritz Fisher

With family

Mud wars!

And you always need someone to bury.

We will probably go again next week, and do a sandcastle day. Literally just go and build a sandcastle all day. Sounds great doesn't it? We will let you know how it turns out.

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Angella said...

Yay for fun with family and friends! We had a blast with you guys and want to do it again soon (boo that summer is ending).