Aug 14, 2010

Under construction

All this home remodeling this summer has put us in the mood to "remodel" our little apartment....well me... it has put me in that mood. These couch pillows were our first step, because they were the easiest. Our futon no longer looks a little drab....hooray.

We have a lot of next steps. We cannot technically remodel our apartment, because it is not ours, but we can build more things to make it look awesome. Here are couple models of things we will build. Not only is Mark skilled at building, but he is skilled at modeling and building that same modeling.

This bench will sit at the end of our bed

This will be our new headboard.

We will also be building a new coffee table and some frames and a couple other things. It might take a while, with school starting and all but we will put the finished products up later.

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The French Way said...

Oh my gosh they look so great! Isn't funny how such a little thing as pillows make such a huge difference! Wow!!! Good job! Can't wait to see the rest!