Nov 4, 2010

USU Love

Fact # 5 This campus is so pretty. We love it. I especially love the fall. There are so many trees all over Logan and it makes it so pretty.

Beautiful eh?

I have not been able to be on campus a lot this semester. Its been a little depressing. Especially since I have missed all the "Zombie vs. Humans" action. About 700 people on campus are immersed in this game. It all started with one zombie (who wears a band on their head) who has to "feed" on any of the other 699 players within 48 hrs or they die. They feed by touching a human, who has a band around their arm. The humans have nerf guns and have to shoot the zombies before they get "eaten." Once a zombie is hit, they place their band around their neck and they can't "feed" for 15 min. Once a human gets touched, they become a zombie, register on facebook as a zombie!!, and place their band around their head. It's pretty awesome and insane. The game is only played on campus. Mark has seen some pretty good battles, I'm a little jealous. Sometimes its not so fun to be so busy.

Still... happy pretty Logan. Can't wait for the snow.

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