Feb 14, 2012

Consider this now a baby blog

Because our little one is already a star....

I have been having some MAJOR lower abdominal pains, especially at night. So, we scheduled an ultrasound yesterday to check for cysts and make surer baby is doing alright.

Good news... The baby is amazing and healthy, and there is only one in there! It is quite the little mover. The technician said she would be surprised if I don't start feeling its movements soon, because it moves so much. Also, no cysts on the ovaries! Thank goodness.

Bad news.... We still don't know where the pain in coming from. We are thinking either my crazy bowels again or extreme round ligament pain. We will keep you informed. Also, no for sure on the gender.... Sorry. Also, we have a video of the whole ultrasound, and I cut out a little 2 min blip to post, but the iPad won't let me upload it here. If you want to see it, email me.

Hope you enjoy a few of our favorite ultrasound pictures of the new family member. I took out the pictures that showed between the legs.... Can't have you making your own guesses! Nor am I going to tell you what we think, we will keep the suspense til an ultrasound technician can say for sure.


The French Way said...

Oh my goodness...he/she is so little! How cute! Glad things are ok and I hope you figure out what the pain is from!

Spencer and Melina said...

So sweet. Food for thought [literally]. Green smoothies are AWESOME! They pack in the vital veggies & fruits your body and your babies mind and body really really need. I have had them on and off, but now Carla & I have been making them for 2 months now. I know my body is healthier bc of them, and wished I had been more faithful during Sierra's pregnancy [I did pretty good with Ryder's]. I highly recommend reading "The Green Smoothie Diet" by Robyn Openshaw. I got mine from the library. She is totally biased, but her facts and information is more than worth the easy read. Here is her website: http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/
Good luck, these would definately help with any bowel issues, since the greens are packed full of fiber and other stuff that keeps our insides clean.
Love ya!

The Glades said...

I love that idea! Our blender broke and I want smoothies so we are saving up for a really nice one.