Feb 20, 2012

A Mark update

I fear this blog knows too much about me and not enough about Mark so I am going to try to fill you in on his going ons.

Mark, so far, is liking his work. He did a lot of training, just getting to know the tractors, the first couple weeks. They sent him to Phoenix for a week to work with another member of their team and drive around all the tractors they have there. He was able to drive all the tractors AGCO offers except one. In Phoenix, they give the farmers in the area tractors to use as long as they try out the guidance systems and give them feedback, and allow AGCO employees to drive them around their fields whenever they want. Pretty sweet deal for the farmers seeing as simple tractors usually run around a quarter of a million dollars. When he was in Hesston for the rest of those weeks, he was usually in classes for tractor technicians, so he got to know the tractor systems a little better. Lately they have given him other smaller things to test while they wait for the next updates to test from the company that designs the guidance systems. He really enjoyed being out in the field testing. The last few days he has been a little bored because the company they were waiting for pushed out the arrival of the new updates, so he has been trying to find other things to do.... Like find a lost camera, fix the Kabota, build wiring harnesses, etc. haha if you know Mark well, you know he likes to stay busy.

He is really liked by his colleagues. I think they are very impressed with him. I have had the opportunity of meeting several of them already when they invited us over for dinner. He has also had the opportunity to share the gospel quite a bit. There is only one other lds person on the whole Advanced Technology team. He has really liked talking to several of them about what we believe.

Mark is REALLY excited about the baby and absolutely loved going to the ultrasound where he was super impressed with the equipment and how knowledgable the technician was. He does such a good job of making sure I am always comfortable. He is also really excited to build a crib for the baby and shop for a car that is car seat compatible.

Mark is really into electric vehicles and has researched them a lot lately. He has many plans to build one one day. In a quiet moment when he is not busy, he can be found mentally designing this future project.

Mark was just called as the ward executive secretary so will start to be really busy with church. The day he was called was quite the day for him. He was given the calling in the morning, spoke in sacrament, set apart after sacrament and then taught the lesson in elders quorum. We then had home teachers over and fed the missionaries. It was a really busy day but he is excited for the calling. Since a lot of members have to drive quite a ways to church, all church activities and meetings are generally held Sunday and Wednesdays. I already have to be there on Wednesdays for achievement days so it works out great. And we live so close to the church which is awesome.

Mark continues to be the most amazing husband and future father. He likes Kansas so far but can't wait to see family again. He is staying really busy but loves not having homework and being able to just be home when he is done with work.


Spencer and Melina said...

Of course Mark is planning on building the crib! He should talk to Spencer about his new calling, that is what Spencer is too and has gotten the bishopric all electronic, which saves a lot of time.

The Glades said...

Ya I will have him give spence a call. I think it would be good for him to get more advice on it.