Apr 9, 2012

Love me some Easter weekend

Projects project projects.... that's the name of the game in the Glade house right now.

Also, we got a new camera. YAY! I'm going to enjoy documenting our life much more now.

I made a purse (no picture yet) I like it, but it was definitely a learning purse. It took me forever, but I loved working on it.

Last week we watched General Conference, which was amazing by the way, and I started a reversible blanket for our baby boy and grew a bigger belly while Mark modeled the crib.

Friday we started a garden... in our tiny little apartment porch.

Mark got free pallets and wood and we made them into planter boxes. We are very proud.

And we filled them with free dirt from a ward members well fertilized plot. Yay! They also fed us dinner that night.

These are our starts. We are going to try to start all of them inside. I hope it works.... neither of us are gardeners, but we want to be.

Saturday Mark cut out all the beautiful oak for the crib while Cassie went baby shopping with some girlies from the ward and got all these cute clothes. (no pic of the wood yet) Then we ate with a family in the ward.

Tool pajamas.... so adorable. He will also have a cute little monkey blanket that I didn't get pictured.

Sunday we took it easy, worked on the garden a little more, read about our Savior and gained even more appreciation for His atonement, walked around and pictured the arboretum, and had dinner with a family in the ward.

Wild turtles... awesome

Notice we didn't eat dinner at our house at all this weekend. Love this ward.

Also, I love my new camera.... and I really love Mark. He is amazing.

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