Apr 20, 2012

Thanks Momma DaNell!

We loved having you here!!

Being the amazing seamstress that she is, she whipped out a bunch of baby room items, and a cute new valance and bed skirt for our room while she was here. Above is a picture of the baby's curtain (glued to a modified set of blinds - love pinterest) and valance. The bed skirt and bumper pads are made out of the same material. Super excited to get the room painted and the crib done so we can put it all together. I think it will look super oober cute.

Also, here is our not hot pink basement with side bathroom... In case you were dying to see it.

Stupid couch

Um.. here is our kitchen and "main room" that is so awkward that we don't know what to do with it. I don't like this level.... nothing works and we don't have the right furniture and the kitchen was so not thought out when it was built. BUT... it does the job, so I'm content. Maybe someday we will figure it out and make it look nice and usable.

I have never taken pictures of upstairs. Its just two bedrooms with a bathroom in the middle. Once we get it all organized with cute little baby stuff, we will take pictures.

Also, we survived the STORM (capitalization for scariness effect) Ok, it wasn't that bad, but it was a little scary. We realized it was going to be bad when the locals (the locals that usually don't worry much about storm warnings) are checking the weather on their phones every 5 minutes. We were in Wichita for a birthing class. They ended it early so everyone could get home before it got bad.... and nobody was getting anything out of it the last hour because they were nervously looking out the window. Anyway, pretty much everything missed us. Closest tornado was in Hesston, about 10 miles away but it didn't do much. And, no hail...no flooding... just lots of crazy lightning and wind. Super thankful for those smart people that watch weather patterns and can warn people, and those people, like our ward member, who stay up all night driving around watching and reporting tornadoes and then fight house fires from lightning. Do these people get enough credit? They are amazing. So normally Kansas gets like 130 tornadoes a year....they got 99 in one night. That means we're done right? :)

Well life is still good in Kansas! We are very blessed!

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