Jun 4, 2012

Hello and Goodbye

Say hello to our new car.  We shopped and researched and shopped and researched and finally decided that this little hyundai accent would fit our needs just perfectly.  We can now travel with a car seat, and we won't break the bank when we head home to see family.  We absolutely love it so far.... and resale stays nice and high on this little gas saver so when we need a little more space for a few more little glades, we can still get a lot out of it.  

Its totally a chick car and I love feeling all hip and cute driving it around.... Mark loves it and picked it because its a manual and he is super into (lets say obsessed with) hyper mileage stuff right now.... baby loves it because he can fit his car seat in it... win win win. 

Say goodbye to the Honda Nighthawk.  :(  I just want everyone to know that this was Mark's decision. After looking at our situation, we realized that having three vehicles was a little overboard.  We decided the truck was absolutely a keeper and so we questioned the bike.  Kansas has a way of blowing Mark around when he is on it, which is a little scary, and I realistically will not be on it for a while.  Mark decided he has lots of other interests right now and we could wait til a better time in life (like when we own a house) to own another motorcycle.   
We found the motorcycle a good home after 2 days and will still being seeing it around Newton.  You have been  a good bike and will be missed.  We thank you for so many good memories.  

Look at us, all adult and responsible.  :)  Growing up over here peeps.  I told Mark I wasn't grown up enough to own a van yet.... sorry van lovers.  We know they are nice, but I just can't go there yet.  I am saving that reality check for a much later time.


Camille said...

We have a Hyundai accent too! I agree, its a perfect mom-and-child car. We love it for its parallel parking abilities! A must in a big city! Have fun with it!

The French Way said...

WOW! Look at you growing all up! Hope you're feeling well!