Jun 6, 2012

In the making....

Dear baby,
           Your father has taken over your bedroom and turned it into a wood shop,  but for a good reason.

Below is the makings of a crib and a little bedside bassinet... just for you.  It's been a long project with little time to him to work on it, but it is coming along.  Almost all the wood is prepped for assembly, which means almost the majority of the "loud" work is done.   The dresser part is partly assembled and I must say it sure looks amazing!  You will be sleeping and diaper changing in style.  Your Dad is so amazingly talented.  We are trying to get all the messy work done this next week so we can start cleaning up your room and get it ready to paint.  We are starting to realize how fast time goes by and how soon you are going to be here!


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