Jul 2, 2012

He's home!

Mass blogging time because I need to catch up.

We drove over night June 12th and arrived at the airport just about an hour before Justin's plane was to land.  Justin said he didn't want any signs so here we are just waiting, with Robert's Ipad sign.  :) When Justin told my Mom he didn't want any sort of sign she said... "Fine, we will just paint our chests then."  haha

That dang empty escalator. Common!  Where are ya!?  Though she threatened to march right up those stairs, we were able to keep my mother on the first floor.

Anxiously waiting.  Those extra 10 minutes he decided to just wait upstairs about killed us!

There he is!! This is the freak out automatically burst into tears moment.

Awe... happy and proud mommy and daddy.

I love returned missionaries!!  Look at that happy face!

So happy to have him home!!  He was such an amazing missionary and he has grown so much, not in height (already tall enough) but in every other way!  Hearing him speak and bear his testimony in English and ASL and then hearing my sisters sing together made for THE BEST sacrament meeting I have ever ever been to.  Don't think there was a dry eye in that VERY full meeting.

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