Jul 2, 2012

Such amazing families

Mark and I often talk about how lucky and blessed we are to have the family that we do.   We loved our time back home and wouldn't have wanted to spend those vacation days any other way.  Family is really what its all about.  I am so excited that we will be having another addition to our amazing families soon.  Little baby Glade will be grandbaby #9 on the Glade side and #1 on the Walker side.  

Binky sharing, its all the rage. 

Good looking Glade bunch!

Princess dresses for Grandma's little princesses.

And vests for the little cowboys/pirates/superheros.  :)

A few of my Walker aunts at my baby shower.  So excited to see them and have them there!!

Two Hancock aunts and Grandma.  So excited they could all come up for the shower and homecoming!  Absolutely loved seeing them!

Walker family, minus Sarah, and two of Marcos' daughter and Marcel... who are basically family.  My Dad baptized Marcos on his mission in Brazil.  Such an amazing family.

I have always loved this about my family.  More often than not you can find them all curled up asleep together in the same room. Oh and Tannon... somehow there is always a Hamilton involved.   Walkers and Hamiltons, it mights as well just be the Walmiltons.

Cute cousins Milla and Ruby! Can't believe how much they have grown.

Can't wait to see everyone again around August/September.

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